Marianna Idirin first established Warehouse Rentals in 2009 due to an elevated demand for unique and high-quality event decor. In the process, Warehouse Rentals positioned itself as the premier resource for brides, wedding planners, and event coordinators seeking rental solutions for their celebrations.

We prize the unique, the bohemian, the exclusive, and the luxurious, sourcing exquisite pieces from local and international artisans as well as from design fairs in Mexico, the United States, and Europe. We have curated a vast repertoire of boutique decor, each piece originating from interior design processes. This means that, as opposed to the factory-made decor which is commonly employed in events, our pieces are non-sequence and entirely unique, elaborated by expert craftsmen who specialize in producing exceptional designs of the highest caliber.

Just like our inspirations for event design, our tastes in decor span from laid-back bohemian to ultra-elegant classic styles. We also love working with pieces elaborated with natural materials, such as wood, natural fibres, and cloths you won't find any artificial beads or sequins here.

There is no minimum number of pieces that must be rented anything from a single chair to a full production can be obtained from our extensive collection of boutique pieces. If our collection doesn't include a piece you're seeking, our in-house workshop allows for the design of personalized decor whether these be tables, chairs, bars, or even intricate wedding altars for an exclusive addition to your event.

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