The Perfect Moody Event Decor for this Fall and Winter Season

Event though at the Event Design by Marianna Idirin we’re crazy over heels in love with summer, we’re super thrilled each year with the arrival of the fall and winter season. 350 sunny days in Baja gives us plenty of sunshine, clear skies, and amazing blues, but fall and winter allow us to play a bit more with moodier colors, like amber, dark clay, wood, metal, velvet, dark, lush greens and other materials and decor, which brings a cozy feel of the fresh Baja evenings and the most festive season. We went into a festive mode at the studio and played around with some of our new products and furniture. We put together some of the dining setups and event decor, which we think will be our client’s favorite this season in Los Cabos. These are just some of the options, of course - there are as many variations and options possible, as you and we can imagine together. There are a couple of our favorite pieces of furniture or decor that I’d love to give a special mention here. New in our inventory is the parota table, which was created by our owner and head designer Marianna Idirin - we might be a bit biased about it, but we love how versatile, unique, and modern it is, plus it’s created by our team of local artisans. We love using it for an urban or rustic setup, or a fun eclectic mix of styles, just perfect for this season. Think cow skulls, animal print carpets, handmade chairs and stools, ottomans made with natural fabric, hanging lamps with rope and exposed wires, warm amber glasses, as well as handmade gray clay plates and pottery. We love all things natural; from linen, wood, and velvet, to rustic metal chairs or tables, candle holders, black wax candles and more. The fall calls for darker colors in event decor, but if you feel like mixing it up a bit, add chairs or linen in white, or a splash of blue - anything is allowed, and we just love how adding a touch of your preferred color, fabric or material adds a personal style to each decor. Add to all some lush greens and blooming flowers, and you’re set for a beautiful celebration! Get some inspiration from these fall event decor photos, and let us know which style is your favorite! Besos, Event Design by Marianna Idirin team fall-event-decor-ideas-marianna-idirin-event-design_0007 fall-event-decor-ideas-marianna-idirin-event-design_0004 fall-event-decor-ideas-marianna-idirin-event-design_0010event-design-marianna-idirin-cabo_0003 fall-event-decor-ideas-marianna-idirin-event-design_0017 fall-event-decor-ideas-marianna-idirin-event-design_0016 fall-event-decor-ideas-marianna-idirin-event-design_0018 event-design-marianna-idirin-cabo_0001 fall-event-decor-ideas-marianna-idirin-event-design_0011 fall-event-decor-ideas-marianna-idirin-event-design_0012 fall-event-decor-ideas-marianna-idirin-event-design_0001 fall-event-decor-ideas-marianna-idirin-event-design_0013 fall-event-decor-ideas-marianna-idirin-event-design_0014