Striking Event At Secluded Maravilla Los Cabos

This venue is the exclusive new community of Maravilla, Los Cabos. This designer development has used natural elements and sustainability as their foundation. We are so grateful and gifted to work in such a stunning, world-renowned location. Our design features our copper urban chairs, gold chargers, custom engraved cutlery and contrasting candle holders. The flowers by the talented team at Pina Florists are some of the most vibrant I have seen, consisting of orchids, ranunculuses, fire stix, anemone, verbena and deep variations of greenery. The lounging areas featured our large lounge chairs and boutique couches which were perfectly matched with varying throw pillows for texture, pattern and comfort.  Add in the flowing tent structure for shade and the always beautiful ocean backdrop and you have all of the ingredients for a flawless event design. This season has been full of breathtaking events. Our team has really been able to get creative and bring to life some truly unique designs in absolutely impeccable venues. Seeing all of the pieces come together to create the final result being something so beautiful is such our biggest reward.   MaravillaDay8-43MaravillaDay8-10 Bronce Blog 4MaravillaDay8-11 MaravillaDay8-19 MaravillaDay8-54MaravillaDay8-13 MaravillaDay8-47 Bronce Blog 5MaravillaDay8-39 Bronce Blog 1MaravillaDay8-31 MaravillaDay8-27MaravillaDay8-4MaravillaDay8-5MaravillaDay8-18