Stellar Dinner in the Old Cannery

In March, Event Design by Marianna Idirin team had the pleasure of being part of a unique evening; Chef Series by Jazamango. During the Chef Series events, Jazamango's Executive Chef Javier Plascencia invites a guest chef to join him in creating an exclusive evening for guests, who let themselves be guided on a culinary journey of Mexican flavors. For the March event, the invited chef was Chef Jose Luís Hinostroza from Arca, Tulum. Our Creative Director Marianna Idirin co-created this unique experience by designing an ambiance and setting the stage for the celebration of all the senses.   

The event took place at the old canning factory in Todos Santos, and Marianna loved taking in her hands an old, blank canvas, exposed rocks, plain walls, and a bare structure of the once imposing cannery.  She embellished the hallways and brought life to empty spaces with contemporary furniture. Empty rooms became cozy lounge areas, cocktail and bar area brought back the joy and laughter. And the center stage of the event was one long imperial table for 80 guests.  With this one shared table for all the guests, Marianna wanted to break the seriousness of such events, where people end up sitting at their table and end up going home without getting to know other guests. She wanted people to connect, to get to know each other, to share experiences of the dinner, and make new connections. Contemporary design with elements of wood, natural materials, linen, ceramics, and fresh spring blossoms harmoniously contrasted plain rock structure that embraced the guests while they were dining under the starry sky.

Chef Javier and Chef Jose Luis created the menu with products from local rancherías and farms, and paired each dish with a selected Mexican wine.  The dishes we tried: 

Caviche Baja Kanpachi (Chef Hinostroza) // Aguachile from xoconoztle,  coriander oil, burnt habanero powder, tostada made from black quinoa. Wine pairing with Jardin Romantico, Chardonnay, Adobe Guadalupe, Mexico.

Roasted Chocolate Clam (Chef Plascencia) // Crunchy pig ears, pickled cucumber, emulsion from local butter with white soya. Wine pairing with Casa Madero, Chenin Blanc, Organic Grapes, Mexico.

Crab Taco in a Soft Shell (Chef Hinostroza) // Amaranto tempura, tortilla from 'hoja santa' leaves, currant sauce, hoja santa emulsion. Wine pairing with Marella Rosé, Durand Viticultura, Mexico.

Grilled Bone Marrow (Chef Hinostroza) // Glazed with tamarind and grasshoppers, roasted jalapeño salsa, sopes made of moronga. Wine pairing with Anxelin Shiraz, Encinillas, Mexico.

Chivo Lechal en Caja China (Chef Plascencia) //tender roasted turnips with verjus, parsnip smoked pure, watercress. Wine pairing with Los Cedros, Malbec, Coahuila, Mexico.

Nixtamalized pumpkin and papaya (Chef Plascencia) // Dry cheese ice cream, pumpkin seeds, flowers. Wine pairing with Monte Xanic, Late Harvest, Mexico.

The entire experience was unforgettable, that's why Chef Javier Plascencia and Mariana Idirin are already planning the next event in a new unique location. Follow them on @javierplascencia and @eventdesignbymariannaidirin for a new event date.

Photography by Romana LilicLA76 Photography. // Event Design: Event Design by Marianna Idirin // Furniture Rentals: Warehouse Rentals // Flowers: Pina Cate.