Marianna Idirin Introduces Unveil

There are places in Baja that need to be seen, experiences that need to be felt, sounds that need to be listened to; there are flavors that need to be tried, and textures that need to be touched. That’s why Marianna Idirin created Unveil; a series of events that are designed to awaken all your feelings with sensations never before imagined, or experienced.

Marianna’s passion for Baja, for its landscapes, places, nature, flavors, people, combined with her passion for sharing, for creating new and unexpected experiences, drove her to create Unveil as a means to create unique moments and experiences together with creatives who share similar passions.

The essential idea of Unveil involves creating events in spectacular and unrepeatable locations, where, together with passionate local creatives, they will create a sensational experience to its participants.

The first Unveil Chapter I, happened in an abandoned building near Todos Santos, where we took bare walls and spaces, and converted them into a spectacular event location. Here design, flower creations, amazing food, drinks, music, and laughter, filled the air late into the night. Instead of following an established program, the participants had no idea where they were going, and what will happen at Unveil

Baja. The invitation itself was intriguing, they were excited to be part of something unique, new, different. The initial surprise upon arrival let each participant discover the event area, the happenings in individual spaces, the vibration of the space full of peers, participant chefs and mixologists, in their own order and desire.

Needless to say, the Baja chapter of Unveil was a night where we exceeded even our own expectations! We can’t wait for the Unveil Chapter II to happen this October 2107.


If you would like to get more information about Unveil, please email [email protected].

A BIG Thank you for making Unveil Chapter I, a reality, goes to:

Event Design by Marianna Idirin for Decor & Rentals

Pina Cate for Flower design

Photo by Julieta for capturing all the moments in photographs

– All the participant Chefs, Mixologists, and Partners! Without you, Unveil, Chapter Baja, would not

become a reality