Fun Bars & Drinks!

Drinks definitely play a key role in a party, as well as bars -which have become a decorative element lately!

In our Boutique Furniture line we have a wide variety of styles, which can be personalized for every event. We place bottles so guests can choose what to drink –and mix it!-. But keep in mind that it's very important to have the best bartender in town to prepare the most delicious and unique drinks!



We love using original ideas to display the wine, Tequila, gin, whisky (–etc, etc!-) and beer cans in a fun way for our guests… Bars designed on an old wooden boat, trucks or even a simple wooden structure -with good lightning and tasty décor elements-, can become the perfect bar and the hit of the party.




Another good idea is to combine the drinks with the décor style of the event. Turquoise, orange, green, red… you can prepare the most delicious drinks in different colors that add a fun touch to your party!

And don't forget to get cool trays and personalized details, combined with original straws!