Event Design by Marianna Idirin: Designing Unique Celebrations, Arousing Emotions & Creating Unforgettable Experiences

When planning a destination wedding, hiring a wedding planner that is compatible with you, with your ideas, wishes, and dreams, is crucial. But we think a wedding planner should be more than that: besides offering a stress-free destination wedding planning experience, working within a budget, and implementing the celebration to perfection on the D-day; your wedding planner should provide something more, something intangible and precious.  That's the raison d'etre for all of us at Event Design by Marianna Idirin.  With each event that we design, we aim to arouse emotions and create unforgettable moments and experiences, which your guests and you will treasure forever. 

One & Only Palmilla destination wedding reception. Photo by Leila Brewster Photography.


What makes Event Design by Marianna Idirin different?

Our primary drive is the passion for creating unique events in synergy with nature and surroundings, and transmitting emotions through design, colors, forms, and textures.  Our Creative Director and Founder Marianna Idirin is an Interior Designer by profession, and her love of designing, interiors, and respect for Baja and nature shows in every event we create.  Her sensibility for merging landscapes & urbanscapes and design, which often complement each other, is unsurpassed. 

Los Cabos destination wedding at Flora Farms. Photos by My Swell Life.


What is Event Design by Marianna Idirin's approach to designing a wedding or a celebration?

We always look at each wedding or event as one unique story. We'll take all the elements from you; your dreams, wishes, desires, needs, and wants, as well as with objections, like the number of guests invited, the budget, and other items, and prepare a storyboard for your wedding day. We'll count in the location and the surroundings; we'll even take note of what kind of heels will you wear on your wedding day (so we know what type of flooring to design for you walking down the aisle), and all other elements and details. We'll base our design on your wishes, or we'll suggest a theme that will suit your vision best. After we agree on the base elements and storyboard, we'll work on each component for you; from furniture to flowers, light, sound, catering, bar, music (live or DJ), photographers, and logistics - so that all of the components intertwine perfectly in the whole story. We have 15 years of experience in wedding & event planning, and our goal is that you enjoy planning your wedding just as much you will enjoy seeing everything come to reality on your wedding day or day of celebration.

Private beach dinner. Header photo: Marianna Idirin, Photos 2 and 3: Xavier Munguia Photography.


What fuels creativity and inspiration for designing Event Design by Marianna Idirin weddings & events?

We find it in nature and architecture, people and fashion, travels and food. Unique textures, flavors, exploring the terroir of the origin, and finding new grounds for it.  Marianna is eclectic and loves combining styles to create unique designs. Sometimes, the inspiration comes for a subtle taste of the freshest ceviche, or by holding in hand the handcrafts from local artisans and feeling their hard and smooth texture, the natural materials. All that and more is an inspiration. 

Unveil special dining event at the old cannery. Photos by Romana Lilic, LA76 Photography.


What is the key element in designing a destination wedding in Los Cabos or Baja? 

The nature of Los Cabos and Baja is the most prominent theatre stage. We love creating events that complement each unique location. It can be a boho destination wedding in Todos Santos, a romantic celebration on an island, a modern wedding at a contemporary resort in Cabo San Lucas, a romantic wedding at one of the luxurious Los Cabos resorts, a corporate event that involves different scenarios and happenings, or an elopement at a secluded beach.  With nature in mind, we have also created a unique concept of culinary events "Unveil", where we choose a non-traditional dining location; for example, an abandoned old factory, or a remote beach that you can only access by boat, and entirely transform it (in a sustainable way) to create a magical evening. We take the space and work in synergy with it so that the final result is a unique, spectacular, and unforgettable experience.

Black & yellow themed event. Photos by Romana Lilic, LA76 Photography.


What about the budgets?

Creativity doesn't need to mean expensive! Each of our events is unique, and each event requires its budget. We always work with funds our clients provide and try to enhance the results while being creative in every way, not just in the way how we will dress a dining table or a chuppah. [smiles] In the last 15 years, our clients have trusted us with events big and small, with private picnics for two, intimate elopements, luxury destination weddings, or with corporate events for 500 guests. Our passion is to create a unique experience for each of our clients, and we devote lots of thought, enthusiasm, and attention to designing each of the events!

Event design for Pelicano Cabo boat.


Los Cabos destination wedding rehearsal dinner at One & Only Palmilla.  


Wedding reception at Acre Baja.


Interior design for Animalon Baja, Valle de Guadalupe.



Unveil I, Todos Santos. Photo by Photo by Julieta.


If you are planning a destination wedding in Los Cabos or Baja, or are looking for an event designer to create a unique corporate event for your team, contact us at [email protected]. It would be a pleasure to design your wedding, event, or celebration!