Custom-Made B-day Party!

Cabo has lots of magical places to held events… Stunning beaches, five stars resorts and top notch private developments. One of my favorites is Pedregal, in Cabo San Lucas, right where the Sea of Cortes finds the Pacific Ocean!

At his house in Pedregal Devin celebrated his 40th birthday party. For the event, I thought of ideas that not only enhanced the beauty of the place –which is amazing, with a huge infinity pool-, and  the views of the mountains and the ocean-, but that also helped me create a cozy ambience for Devin and his friends.


Columns of mirrors, with candles and flowers welcomed the guests. In the pool, I placed floating bamboo with candles and moss; and white metal lanterns on the stairs…


The chairs were French-style, combined with a few covered in with linen and I played with different sizes of tables. A big one, for 28 people, and three smaller and squared ones, for 8 ¡they looked beautiful on the outdoor area, on the stone and grass floor.



One of the lightning structures of my Boutique Furniture Line was placed over the main table. It as rectangular made of wood and metal, with hanging candles inside crystal bases and white orchids… a very special details that every guest loved!

devin 2


The centerpieces were mostly natural and white elements… on white linen runners. Sanded Grapewood Brancehs; crystal cylinders with flowers and moss inside; roses, ranunculus and orchids; tall chandeliers and white modern ceramic bases…



The vintage crockery –my favorite!-, with embossed details combined with silver edged wine glasses, create an elegant setup.



I also incorporated the logo of Devin´s firm –a Tequila company-, in different places of the party: in natural fiber paper on each plate, along with a small bouquet made of rosemary and eucalyptus; and in the two mirrors we used to write the dinner and dessert menu –an exquisite Red Velvet cake with the shape of a Tequila Bottle!




  • Event Design & Coordination: Event Design by Marianna Idirin
  • Venue: Private Residence Pedregal
  • Cake: Dyna Fisher de Sweet Dreams Cabo
  • Photography: Dino Gómez
  • Flowers: Cabo Floral Studio