A Vintage Wedding @ A Picturesque Organic Market

Josefat’s and Celia had a charming vintage-inspired wedding on the picturesque grounds of an organic market. The guests wore vintage-style clothing and were directed to the wedding ceremony with a blackboard featuring drawings of roller blades and cameras, inspired by the couple’s romantic meeting: they met while she roller-bladed and he took photos. By following a glowing path of luminaries, guests reached an enchanting tree-filled courtyard for the outdoor celebration. Delicate white lace, draped with garlands of cascading greenery and white flowers set the tone for the romantic evening. A white wood framed sign that read “Art is Love” was placed against a background of bales casually arranged bale packs and wooden crates. Guests sat on rows of rustic chairs with white cushions and wood benches. Additional bale packs draped in floral fabric added to the rustic chic setting. A turquoise desk was set next to a romantic swing trimmed with more garlands of greenery and white flowers. Candid photographs of the bride and groom casually held with clothespins hung from a tree. A nearby table held vintage cameras, flowers, candles and lace doilies. In keeping with the organic market theme, burlap-wrapped jars of homemade local mango marmalade were the wedding’s favors. The party’s vintage chic style set-up featured rustic wood tables arranged lounge-style with an eclectic mix of chairs, benches and colorful cushions. Mason jars with tea lights, glass balls and street lights hung over the tables from tree branches adding to the casual but enchanting atmosphere. A romantic niche was set up just for the bride and groom under a lovely tree: a vignette that assembled key elements of the evening’s decor: garden-like flowers, candles under hurricane shades, bale packs softened by doilies and lace. An upholstered banquette and a turquoise table added casual chic flair. Guests danced to the music of “Pura Vida”, enjoyed a fire show and a Brazilian-style “Batucada”. A thrilling experience that filled the couple and their guests with excitement and happiness to last a lifetime. collage1 10689884_10203499824909585_1442454909265694605_n 10628206_10203499827229643_3997340000126843749_n Celia-y-Josafat-137 Celia-y-Josafat-141 Celia-y-Josafat-139 collage2 10397977_10203499841990012_5929154719869274316_n 1907814_10203499844910085_2335106230035434423_n 10481449_10203499871990762_6176897972473912949_n 1904257_10203500034114815_6894932957026594719_n 16082_10203499933192292_3184088008729656493_n 10521653_10203499960552976_3101044359721589200_n 10424279_10203499969593202_5983146022275407757_n 1610813_10203499958112915_9160615643508551074_n 10639483_10203500015954361_7264990570641843390_n 10678641_10203499845470099_7159472363933964220_n 10689658_10203499847110140_832874034072893782_n collage4 collage3 10687077_10203500035994862_1622737955718268765_n 10649914_10203500043315045_4807046447246647101_n 10646939_10203500079795957_4274874592169876104_n 10666037_10203500018754431_193553382993452166_n 10007428_10203500057755406_7070153878062999506_n 10628232_10203500078635928_7544803892688421763_n 10641272_10203500152197767_2723420851377480005_n 10615995_10203500127317145_4993301119902882756_n 10628005_10203500129557201_5164592801498032688_n 10665694_10203499958792932_3872866704808660137_n 10672420_10203500082036013_3170924455900341806_n