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NOVEMBER 14 2017

Bego & Mark's Los Cabos Destination Wedding

Image Main Bego & Mark's Los Cabos Destination Wedding
Bego and Mark's Los Cabos destination wedding was like a dream come true. They invited their friends and loved ones to celebrate their wedding day in sunny Los Cabos, starting with the traditional religious wedding ceremony in the chapel of Sheraton Los Cabos, and then continued the wedding reception and celebrations and the Beach Club of Club Campestre San Jose, with stunning views of the ocean, under the starry Baja sky.

For the wedding reception, we used our signature parota tables, as well as round tables, adorned with navy linen tablecloths and table linens, Guanajuato wire chairs, black cross back, copper urban, as well as our copper chargers combined with our bride's white chargers. For table centers, we added black and copper contemporary lanterns to beautiful florals, to create a romantic atmosphere and add a touch of light and ambiance as the night unfolded.

Bego & Mark's wedding day was beautiful, and we wish them love and laughter until eternity!
Event Design by Marianna Idirin team
Wedding Planning & Design: Event Design by Marianna Idirin 
Reception: Club Campestre San Jose
Foto: Bruno Rezza & Cristina Civallero
HMU: Olga Bustos
Catering: EAT Cabo

Are you planning an elopement or an intimate beach wedding in Los Cabos? Let our experienced event planning and event design team help you make your event a success. We believe each wedding is unique and personal, and we love creating all kinds of weddings and celebrations, from private events and small gatherings to large events and celebrations. We look forward to helping you plan your upcoming celebration! Contact us at [email protected].

Restaurant Design for Animalón, A Unique Culinary Experience in Valle de Guadalupe

Image Main Restaurant Design for Animalón, A Unique Culinary Experience in Valle de Guadalupe

Tucked about 15 minutes inland from the port city of Ensenada in Baja California, Valle de Guadalupe is Mexico's emerging wine growing region. With about 100+ wineries producing world class vintages, the “Valle”, or The Valley, as the locals like to call it, the region has been on the radar of every food traveler. Cheese makers, olive oil producers, animal raising farms, produce farms, winemakers, craft breweries, the prestigious seafood bounty of Baja waters, there is no wonder Baja is a chef's dream come true. And where chefs enjoy creating amazing dishes, that's where we love to be! 

Chef Javier Plascencia, one of our favorite chefs in Baja, has decided that one way of celebrating his 30 years of culinary experience in Baja California, will be to create a culinary feast like no other. Under an impressive 100+ year old oak tree, Chef Plascencia set up a summer pop-up with an 8 course progressive meal, inspired in Baja's ingredients and terroir, and available pairings with selected wines from the region. “The Animalón experience is the definition of my cuisine. Using only Baja ingredients, my mission is to pay homage to local producers, and the lifestyle of Baja,” says Chef Javier Plascencia.

Event Design by Marianna Idirin’s Creative Director Marianna Idirin was invited to be part of the project, and the entire team loved the idea from the very beginning!  "I decided to create a unique restaurant decor, that would complement the concept and the essence of this fantastic pop-up restaurant with open-air dining setup and kitchen in a truly incomparable location," explained Marianna. "In the spirit of Animalón, I decided to combine styles, to create a warm ambiance with earthy vibes, add dimmed lights, I dressed tables with natural linens and hand-made ceramics, combined with robust yet still elegant leather chairs, all in order to complement the natural setting, and the spirit of the true Baja culinary event guests are about to experience at Animalón."

Animalón offers a unique taste of Baja California. From the location to the setup, decor, and food and wine; from tactile to sensory pleasures, from incredible flavors to opulent aromas, Animalón is an experience everyone should try. 

You can visit Animalón until the end of Fall. For reservations and more information about Animalón, please visit their website here

Photos via Animalón and Life and Food

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