5 Tips for Creating a Romantic Beach Picnic

Summers are perfect for a beach picnic!  In Baja California Sur we are blessed with 350 sunny days per year, so our beach picnic opportunities are countless, and we might say we've become self-proclaimed experts on the topic, that's how much we enjoy beach picnics! There are uncounted ways to prepare a beach picnic, and that's what we love about it the most.  All you need is a beach blanket or a towel, some shade (swimming suit, beach towel, a beach shade, and a solar protector is something we have in our car at all times), and a quick stop at a nearby store, and in 5 minutes you're set for a picnic on the beach!  For a more elaborate beach picnic, the one that you are planning ahead of time, only the sky is a limit! Here are our 5 Top Tips for Creating a Romantic Beach Picnic: 1. The Setup You'll need a beach blanket or a towel so that you can sit comfortably.  We recommend a shade or a tippee tent, so you don't get sunburnt. If you are planning a golden hour or sunset-time picnic, you can skip the shade. If you're planning something especially romantic, you can add some beautiful decor, flowers, and romantic string lighting (see our example on the photo). 2. The Food We recommend finger food.  Something that you can enjoy with your fingers, and don't have to worry if the sauce is going to spill on you, or how will you serve the hot soup, for example.  The point is to have fun, remember that!  Our favorite beach picnic foods are a selection of cheeses and charcuterie, nuts, appetizers, mini sandwiches, crunchy veggies, guacamole, salsa, and desserts that you can savor with hand, like brownies and strawberries, for example. 3. The Drinks Depending on the occasion, you can bring just anything you feel like!  Chilled wine, champagne, or a cold beer, maybe a pink lemonade, fresh fruit waters, and don't forget some plain water. (Don't forget the bottle opener!) 4. The Games Bring along some fun games - be it a deck of cards, or a beach ball or a frisbee.  If you feel like for a more relaxing date, bring a book and read aloud to each other. 5. The Memories Bring a camera to capture your memories forever.  We recommend Polaroid cameras; they are so much fun!  Or any other digital or film camera, but if you don't have any other camera handy, your smart phone will do just fine in capturing a couple of moments.  Just don't forget to create some printouts afterward, so you can hang them on the fridge or some other visible place, where you'll always remember the fun times you had. We created this romantic beach picnic setup for a lovely couple, who wanted to celebrate their love in a unique setting on a beach. Share your tips or questions in the comments below! We'd love to hear your favorite ways of creating a beach picnic.

Beach Picnic Decor and Design: Event Design by Marianna Idirin

Flower Design: Pina Cate

Photography: Xavier Munguia Photography