13 Ways to Use Velvet for Your Wedding or Celebration

Don’t you just love velvet? We do! Velvet is not just an item for a #throwbackthursday! This lush and soft fabric has made quite a comeback in the past year, and we love the wow effect it has at the events we’re creating. Our guests are loving it and we’re not surprised! Velvet is a classic. You can use it in many different ways and styles; from wedding dresses that take inspiration in traditions and history, to bride’s and groom’s wedding accessories, decor, cushions, pillows, lounge chairs, table runners, and more. In the past, bride’s wedding attire was often the best thing in her closet, and to convince her groom that she comes from a wealthy family, she would also pile on layers of fur, silk and velvet. To us, velvet brings a little bit of a good nostalgia, and it brings images of extravagant baroque attires of men and women. But today, used in the entire color palette, and with different uses and meanings, velvet can be that extra something that will make your wedding or celebration stand out. Here are just some of the uses of velvet that we love: 1. Bride’s accessories like a velvet clutch, garter, velvet wedding shoes, or velvet hair accessory. 2. Groom’s accessories like a tie, bowtie, or shoes in velvet. They are a classic! 3. Romantic velvet bridesmaids’ dresses. 4. Velvet wedding bouquet ribbon & boutonnieres. 5. Vintage-inspired velvet ring-bearer’s pillow and a velvet ring box. 6. Velvet table linens - we love the romantic effect! 7. Velvet table numbers. 8. Velvet chairs & lounge chairs. 9. Wedding invitations lined up with velvet. 10. Handmade velvet notebooks for vows, or as wedding favors. 11. Velvet photo albums or wedding guest books. 12. Velvet inspired welcome bags. 13. And of course: a Red Velvet wedding cake with a velvet-like topper. Below you can find some velvet inspiration we liked on Pinterest. velvet-design-inspiration_0001 velvet-design-inspiration_0002 velvet-design-inspiration_0003 velvet-design-inspiration_0004 velvet-design-inspiration_0005 velvet-design-inspiration_0006 velvet-design-inspiration_0007 velvet-design-inspiration_0008 velvet-design-inspiration_0009 velvet-design-inspiration_0010 velvet-design-inspiration_0011 velvet-design-inspiration_0013velvet-design-inspiration_0012 See the source of the photos here.